First Impressions

Hi! my name is Grace Ruback and I’m from a town in Maryland called Washington Grove. Like Ian, I am an incoming freshman to the Wilson community, but I am an animal studies major. My interests are learning about the environment, camping, painting, gardening and playing with animals. So if you ever need someone to go and cuddle animals with, I am definitely your gal. I like to get a little creative when it comes to decorating, so earlier in the summer I bought white sheets that I could tie dye all sorts of colors. It was super fun and a great way to make my sheets fit my style. Of course, because I was working with tie dye, it didn’t come out exactly as I had planned, but it was a nice way to spend an afternoon.  I hopefully now have everything I need for college considering the amount of shopping I’ve done the past few months.

My roommate seems wonderful and I can’t wait to meet her in person! I know she’ll help make the transition from a quiet home of three to a noisy dorm of many a smooth one. I’m lucky that we have similar views and study habits, it makes getting along with each other pretty easy.  We’re in a divided room in Disert, but there are plenty of cool places that we can hang out on campus. I was a little worried in the beginning that I would get a roommate that would be crazy or scary after all of the roommate horror stories I’ve heard, but Jennifer definitely doesn’t seem crazy. In fact, I have a feeling we’ll get along well.

I feel as though the one thing I’m not very nervous about is making friends. If you think about it, everyone is in my situation. Everyone is having a fresh start with tons of people they don’t know, and hopefully everyone is willing to talk and get to know one another. That’s kind of the beauty of college. Were a huge group of kids thrown into a totally new situation and we have to work through it together. Don’t worry about the weeks to come. We’re all nervous and we’re all living on our own for the first time. It’ll be tons of fun if we allow it to be 🙂


Hometown: Washington Grove, Maryland High School: Gaithersburg High School Major: Animal Studies Hobbies: Painting, Gardening, Environmental Care, Camping Favorite Books: The Uglies Series by Scott Westerfeld Favorite Movies: Hairspray and The Princess Bride


  1. Donna Landers-George

    Welcome to Wilson, Grace, from a sister “Even”! I hope you enjoy Disert as much as I did in my time there! I am still, to this very day, in touch with and friends with all of the students I met there!!! If you get up to the third floor and happen to pass by #313, give the door an endearing pat for me!

    • Grace Ruback

      Thank you so much Ms.Landers-George! I’m super excited about moving in and in fact I am only a few doors down from where you stayed. I’ll be sure to look out for when i pass by 🙂 Thank you for taking the time to read our blog!

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