Progress is progress

I’ve returned to you, fellow Class of 2020ers, with progress!

After returning from  dinner at the White Rose Bar and Grill, I recruited my mother and my girlfriend, Brooke, to partake in a daunting task: keeping me from making myself look ridiculous. Having arrived at our store of choice, Kohl’s, it was time for my typical shopping ritual. I grabbed armloads of shirts, button downs, shorts, and tank tops, most of which were quality. Turns out, I have about as much fashion sense as I thought I did, which is none. My two wise retainers managed to eliminate almost all traces of my incredibly bad fashion choices and retained only the best of what I had chosen. Now that I’m leaving for college, I appreciate one of the most important lessons my mother taught me: if it’s on sale, buy it.

Outside of my fashion difficulties, I’ve also reached out to my Advisor, Dr. Deb Austin, and gotten my schedule modified. My AP Credit dropped me from six courses for the Fall semester down to four courses. Ordinarily, that would not be a problem at all, however, volleyball season resides in the late winter through spring and I wanted to have a smaller course-load in the second semester. Additionally, I currently have a full time paid internship in PC Support, which will help me buy my books and contribute to my ever-present pizza fund.

As this is my last week at home, I’m going to spend it catching up with my friends from high school, enjoying time with my family, and preparing myself for the next step of my life.

I’ll catch you ladies and gentlemen later.


Full Name: Ian Andrew Firestone Hometown: York, Pennsylvania High School: York Suburban Senior High School Area of Study: History and Political Science Hobbies: I enjoy playing guitar and singing, I also enjoy playing video games, spending time with my friends, and hiking. Favorite Book: Outlander by Diana Gabaldon Favorite Movie: The Lord of the Rings Trilogy

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