Moving In

They’ve kept us so busy that I haven’t had time to write since I got here! Move-in day was a total success due to everyone’s kindness, welcoming attitudes and helpfulness. The entire campus was filled with helpers so I never felt lost or out of place thanks to the staff and RAs and their help carrying my five tons of stuff made moving in a breeze. When I was packing I thought that I was going to be the only one with a packed car, but after talking with other students I realized that packing only one car was actually rare. 🙂 I’m so happy to be all moved in because my room is starting to feel like home, even if its just the first week.

Jennifer, my roommate, is just as wonderful as I thought she would be and we’re getting along well. I’ve also met several other people in my orientation group who I’m excited to get to know better. Everyone is interesting and it’s fun learning what they’re interests are and what we have in common.  I can’t wait to meet more people and go to the activities they have planned for us. Making friends really hasn’t been hard because, as I said in an earlier post, everyone is in the same shoes. We all have one thing in common: being new to a community. If there isn’t anything else to talk about, we can at least talk about where we’re from and what our major is. Everyone has something in common with you. You just gotta find what it is. I hope you all have a wonderful week, whether you’re starting your freshman year of college, working at your job or just living your life.


Hometown: Washington Grove, Maryland High School: Gaithersburg High School Major: Animal Studies Hobbies: Painting, Gardening, Environmental Care, Camping Favorite Books: The Uglies Series by Scott Westerfeld Favorite Movies: Hairspray and The Princess Bride

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