My First Week

When my alarm clock went off last Wednesday, Aug. 24,  at 8 a.m., I rolled out of bed, hopped into the shower and then lethargically returned to my room to get dressed; however, it was not a usual day and I was reminded of that when my mother yelled, “Ian, grab your gear and pack these cars!” Oh yeah, it was move-in day. Unknown to me at the time, while I was waking up and showering, almost all of my compatriots were on their way to campus or already moving into our shared home for the next four years: Wilson College. Leave it to me to be late to my own move-in day.

After arriving on campus at noon, my mom, dad, and I hustled into Lenfest Commons and got signed in. A quick review of the orientation schedule told me two things: first, I needed to move in quickly so that I didn’t miss any orientation activities, and second, man it was going to be a fun week. Halfway through moving in, Coach Barshinger, the men’s head volleyball coach,  met up with me, my roommate Nick, and our teammates Chance, Omar and Zack and after hearing that I still hadn’t gotten everything into our room, Coach barked a few orders and my family and half the volleyball recruits were marching out to the car to finish getting everything into the room. Well, that’s one way to start team bonding.

Now, if you’ve seen me around campus the past six days, you’ve probably noticed that I’m either looking tired or heading to the gym to play volleyball. The latter does not do much to help the former as myself, Nick, and our teammates soon learned, the strength and conditioning coach tends to be very persuasive. After a few days of attending her clinic for extra reps, Coach Hand informed us that there will be weight training at 6 a.m. every day, and that we will be there. My fellow athletes can attest that when Coach Hand says something it’s in your very best interest to do it. A very driven and determined coach, she is also very kind  and is focused on making each athletic program the best it can be. To my fellow student-athletes I say this:  be at the fitness center at 6 each morning. You’ll hate waking up and  you’ll hate working out, but it’s worth every second. Non-athletes, if you’re looking to work out but don’t know what to do, stop by the fitness center between 11-11:45 a.m. during the week, and she’ll get you to where you want to be.

All in all, orientation week here at Wilson was a blast, and I’ve really enjoyed my classes so far. Honestly, this is the most excited I’ve been for school for a very long time. My professors all seem pretty awesome and my classmates are pretty cool people too. If you see me in the dining hall, walking around campus, or in the bookstore feel free to stop and say hi.

See you all around campus!


Full Name: Ian Andrew Firestone Hometown: York, Pennsylvania High School: York Suburban Senior High School Area of Study: History and Political Science Hobbies: I enjoy playing guitar and singing, I also enjoy playing video games, spending time with my friends, and hiking. Favorite Book: Outlander by Diana Gabaldon Favorite Movie: The Lord of the Rings Trilogy

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