Trying New Things

Its unbelievable that college started only two and a half weeks ago. I feel as though I have been here for months because there is no way I’ve been able to fit as much as I have in such little time. Since the start of school I have joined the women’s volleyball team here at Wilson. If you couldn’t tell from earlier posts, I’m not really a sports person but I figured I would finally give into all of the people asking if I played volleyball and put my height to use! Why not try something new? College is the time to experiment and for all you know, it could be super fun and exciting such as volleyball has been for me.  It has exposed me to amazing teammates, coaches and friends all of whom are so incredibly encouraging, funny and kind. Volleyball has made me more fit than I have ever been before, and taught me to stop apologizing for everything. In reality everyone makes mistakes and the best thing to do is to learn from them. The women’s team here is brand new this year and many girls playing are like me in the sense that they have never played before. But Coach Hand and Coach Carlos are great teachers. They help us correct what were doing wrong and strengthen us to be better teammates and friends. They’ve taught me I’m never alone whether it be in volleyball, school work, or everyday life.  I never knew a sport could teach me as much as it has in just these past two weeks.

Because of volleyball I haven’t had much time to join any other clubs but I am plenty busy. My professors have assigned lots of reading which I don’t really mind because my classes are so interesting. My animal studies class made me realize that as of the moment, I am taking the right career path. I am so intrigued by what we talk about and how differently Ann views our world with the animal and human interactions present. She has opened my eyes to the relationships we have with animals and how we can improve them. My other favorite class is my food, society and culture class. The other day we went to Fulton Farm and I was amazed at how wonderful it is. They are certified organic and only use natural pesticides or herbicides. They compost the horse manure from the stables and all of the wasted food from the dinning hall. That means Wilson is helping to reduce the 25% of food that is going to landfills which is great! I cant believe we’re so lucky to have such a sustainable farm right on campus. If you haven’t already, I encourage everyone to take a trip over there.

Fulton Farm allows an organization called the Gleaning Project to come over and glean the produce that they cant use or sell. The Gleaning project is a volunteer group that will go to farms and pick fruits and veggies that the farmers wont because it isn’t the right shape, size, color, etc. They then take it to local food pantries in this area so the people may have fresh produce. It is a great way to reduce wastes and give to those who are in need. I was lucky enough to participate during the week of orientation with my friend Kelsey. We picked (and ate) tons of raw corn which neither of us had ever done before. It was so much fun we both cant wait to volunteer again.

On a little more sad note, I do miss my family and puppy. But they’re helping to make Wilson really feel like home thanks to their cookies and care packages. I can’t wait to see them at some of my games and hopefully on fall break, both of which will be here before we know it. I hope you have a great week and accomplish lots 🙂


Hometown: Washington Grove, Maryland High School: Gaithersburg High School Major: Animal Studies Hobbies: Painting, Gardening, Environmental Care, Camping Favorite Books: The Uglies Series by Scott Westerfeld Favorite Movies: Hairspray and The Princess Bride


  1. Judy Young '63

    Go, Grace, go!!! I’ll check the vball schedule and come for a game or two! 🏐🏐

    • Grace Ruback

      Yay! Thank you so much for your encouragement! I’d love to see you there 😊

  2. Judy '63

    How funny! That’s my “lucky number” — engaged on 13th, married on the 13th, first son born on the 13th — all in different years, of course! I’ll find you!

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