Stressed Out

I think if you ask anyone on campus they will all tell you that this past week has been one of chaos and stress.

I had a paper due Sunday night which didn’t get done because we had a volleyball tournament this past weekend and I didn’t manage my time well in the previous week. Then I had two papers due Tuesday morning and guess who didn’t do them until the night before. I’m certainly struggling when it comes to time management. With volleyball practices, games and all of the homework my teachers are assigning, I’m a little overwhelmed. I know I’ll learn very quickly how to be a better student, but right now it’s kicking my butt. I know my friends were all very stressed because of the VMT exam earlier in the week. Its just been one of those crazy weeks.

On a good note I survived and everyone is doing well. I am also getting a lot better at volleyball, which is super exciting. I even got to play for a little in the tournament last weekend. It allowed me to see what I need to improve on and what questions I have that I need to clarify. When I didn’t play, I was helping Coach Carlos keep stats. That helped me understand the game on a whole different level and was a lot of fun. We have a tournament today and tomorrow and I’m excited to see how we do. Our team’s chemistry is improving and we’re becoming a greater team each game we play.

I hope your weeks to come aren’t nearly as stressful as mine has been. Wish us luck!


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  1. Judy Young '63

    Grace, with so few home VB games and my schedule, I’ve been hard pressed to catch you in a game. HOWEVER, Dick and I plan to be at your October 7 game v. PSU Berks, and will look for jersey #13 so we can meet. Meanwhile do well, and keep your head above water with classes, homework, papers, tests and all of the other things that college is about!

    Good luck!

    • Grace Ruback

      I just saw this comment because I’ve been so busy but thank you so much for coming and supporting us. It was so incredibly sweet of you and honestly meant so much to me. I’m keeping my head high and pushing through the work. Thank you for your encouraging words. You’re the best!

  2. Judy '63

    And remember, Grace — spell STRESSED backwards and you get….. Much better, eh?

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