Fall Break

I love volleyball. I honestly do. I never thought I would be saying that I love a sport, but I am.

Last weekend there was a fall festival before our last home game and it was so much fun. It was the perfect activity to get us excited for our game. Even though we didn’t win, we can we how we’ve improved and know what we still need to work on,and, honestly, that is the most important part.

Judy [Young], an alumna of Wilson, came to our game. She has been reading and supporting our blog and it was so sweet of her! My grandfather showed up in a Wilson College volleyball shirt and yelled out all of my teammates names when they were serving (I think he has more Wilson College gear than I do!). And the biggest surprise of all was my best friends watching me from across the court. I didn’t see them during the first two matches, but when I did let’s just say there were a ton of tears, happy ones of course. They came all the way from the University of Maryland to see me play. We went to Red Robin together and picked up  right where we left off. I love them so much; this experience has taught me a lot. If people are meant to stay in your life, they will. Even if you don’t talk to your friends from high school or past jobs anymore or everyday, its okay. Everything happens for a reason and some leave so others can come in.

Fall break was amazing. I surprised my best friend, Billie, who is basically my sister, and spent all of Sunday with her. I got to sit in front of the fire and play with my dog. I could not have asked for a more relaxing time. I thought four days would be a long time, but it really flew by. Its already a week later, and this weekend is just as packed as last. Tonight is homecoming in my hometown. I can’t wait to go back and see all of my friends. I already know the band is going to be great and seeing them perform will be a highlight. Tomorrow we have a tournament in DC, which I’m super excited because it’s close where I live–the other tournaments in places I’ve never heard of, so being somewhere familiar will be nice.

I hope everyone has a great weekend. And if yours isn’t packed like mine, take a walk outside! Its gorgeous out there 🙂


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