Found my rhythm

So now that it’s almost the end of the semester, I’ve finally found some sort of rhythm in my daily life, mostly. Honestly, I’m probably Webster Dictionary’s definition of organized chaos in human form…

I’ve been pretty busy the past two weeks between volleyball, working in our glorious cafe/bookstore, and all of my academic responsibilities–and even then I somehow managed to sneak in a trip home this past weekend!

Volleyball has been going pretty well for myself and my teammates: the fact that the website and roster is updated is an indication of how close we are to our regular season. Our coaching staff possesses a wealth of knowledge, but also are easy to talk to about volleyball and life. I really appreciate the culture we have at Wilson; the professors, faculty, staff, and coaches all get to know the students and athletes on a personal level, making Wilson’s community tight knit and unique among colleges and universities. Also, my team has received its first homework assignment! Slight sarcasm aside, I really enjoy the analytical aspects of studying game and practice film in order to improve as a player and its also applicable to real life, except with remembering events and learning from them instead of recording your whole life, because living The Truman Show would be kinda weird.

The cafe and campus store gig is going great. I’ve been working around eight hours a week and its been a great opportunity to interact with a larger portion of the Wilson community. I think that the new cafe and store combo is a great thing for Wilson as our little college strives to expand, modernize and become a little less, well,  little. I feel like the library will become a center of campus life, at least during the daytime when the students and faculty are getting their caffeine fix without having to leave campus.

Academically, man, I’ve been slammed. I’ve had a research paper rough draft for First Year Seminar, a written midterm essay for Early Modern Europe, weekly Microsoft Excel and Access projects, and a second research project for English. My English research paper is about the meaning of life, and for that I chose nihilism because for some reason I wanted to give myself an early-life existential crisis. Friedrich Nietzsche will be the bane of my existence for the next few weeks, and many other philosophers are quickly approaching a similar status.

As I mentioned earlier, I went home and visited my family last weekend. We have two greyhounds at home, one’s a retired racer and the other is a puppy having his first birthday in a few days. My sister and I played three games of bowling, during which I realized how dreadful I am at bowling. Simply put, I don’t think I had a single game with over 100 points. It was fun, but I am far out of practice and nearly inept. After that, my mom made the mistake of sending me to the grocery store and didn’t think about my compulsory buying when it comes to food. I bought 6 packages of the pre-cut Christmas cookies, you know, the ones with the reindeer, Christmas trees, and Santa Claus in the center. Brooke and I made 3 packages, which I was supposed to bring back to Wilson with me, and then watched This Is Where I Leave You. The film was great, the cookies were great, and before you even ask, they did not make it past last night. I devoured those cookies as if there was no tomorrow, and today I ate many-a-salad in order to feel better about myself.

Well, that’s what I’ve been up to. Drop a comment and let me know what you’ve been doing!



Full Name: Ian Andrew Firestone Hometown: York, Pennsylvania High School: York Suburban Senior High School Area of Study: History and Political Science Hobbies: I enjoy playing guitar and singing, I also enjoy playing video games, spending time with my friends, and hiking. Favorite Book: Outlander by Diana Gabaldon Favorite Movie: The Lord of the Rings Trilogy

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